Showroom Designing

Showroom Designing

Holistic retail concepts:we develop unique shop concepts for your branches!

Do you have several stores that you would like to update or to refurbish with your own unique design and corporate identity? We develop customized shop concepts for you and create your own personal Retail Identity! We are delighted to offer an individual design service which will include modules showing your colour and materials choice and corporate identity.

The combination of modules can be varied to adapt to premises with differing dimensions and provide the optimum arrangement for each floor plan, ensuring an optimal use of space in each of your premises.

The furniture which is specially tailored to your needs, creates a distinctive market presence with a high recognition value.

We are the perfect partner for you if:

  • You want to benefit from concepts that create shopping experiences and increase your sales
  • You strive for an increase in customer frequency and longer residence time
  • You want to gain more new customers and retain your existing customers sustainably
  • You want to emphasize your unique selling points to strengthen your positioning / image
  • You want to set yourself apart from competitors in order to secure your market position in the long term


  • Consultation
  • Draft
  • Consultation & Pilot Project
  • Support
  • To obtain best results, direct contact and close co-operation with our customers are essential. Within the guidelines set by your corporate identity we draw up a detailed list of your requirements and this form the basis for the design concept. Functionality and design are matched to the requirements of your design guidelines (corporate identity) - always focusing on achieving the best possible future investment for you.

    Our creative team of designers and interior architects develop a special and characteristic style. Functionality and design are matched to the requirements of your design guidelines (corporate identity) - always focusing on achieving the best possible future investment for you.With a sophisticated and individual shop concept completely adapted to your corporate design, we can underline your full assortment and profile your brand.Within a short time, you willreceive a complete design concept, including photo-realistic 3D visualizations.

    With the planning finalized, the implementation of the first branch begins. In this phase, any special details are clarified during the production, delivery and assembly process. You can rely on our complete assistance at any time during the whole order process.

    Once, the first shop has been successfully completed, the program rolls out to your other stores. With our efficient staff and up-to-date machinery as well as carefully selected suppliers, we can ensure that the handling and completion of the subsequent projects will be of identical quality and finish.


    Due to the variability of our modular system you can carry out small modifications as well as a complete shop design project. The examples BASIC, CLASSIC and PREMIUM symbolically stand for possible ways to realize your projects based on different budgets and sizes.

    We offer the options – the decision is yours: whether BASIC, CLASSIC or PREMIUM - each category is the perfect combination of best materials, timeless design, and premium processing.


    BASIC means a reconstruction for those who want to make a change, but only have a limited budget. Functional and practical solutions are needed, always with the aim to improve the effectiveness of merchandise display. The advantage of our modular system is that you can add further modules at any time.


    CLASSIC stands for the redecoration of an entire shop in order to present yourself in a new and modern look. With our modular system, you can design professionally and thanks to standardized modules also economically. At the same time individuality is assured through our wide selection of materials, colours and shapes. This results in a characterful shop with which you are well prepared for the future.


    PREMIUM is the synonym for a high quality and exclusive design for those who are searching for a very special and customized solution. in this segment representative shops of top-class level are requested and highest demands needs to be set on the interior. here, our modular system also defines entirely new standards of quality and design which will impress your clients definitely!

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